Friday, December 09, 2011

Many worlds theory

I have recently become very obsessed with the many worlds theory. The theory that says there exists an infinite number of universes, which also means there exists an infinite number of versions of me which are all a little bit or a lot different. It started after re watching some episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon mentions this theory. I started doing some research, wikipedia, YouTube videos and eventually found an episode of "The Universe" about this. So it turns out there's some scientists who are pretty serious about it. Actually there's theories about four different kinds of multiple universes, meaning infinite^4 universes.

I forgot if there was anything I wanted to say with this. Anyway I find it quite an interesting philosophical subject. That there might be some version of me that has done things a bit differently makes you really wonder what those differences could have affected. It also gives a kind of calm, knowing that if there's something I don't get done there will always be a version of me that does. So that thing still get's done in some universe somewhere. Maybe even in multiple other universes. Something that also hit me at one point, is that I really owe the other versions of me to not chicken out of doing something, because even if I'm not successful there will always be a version of me that is. Ofcouse the theory would suggest that even if I don't try some versions of me will.

I just saw "Another Earth" which deals with something like this, however it's a mirror version of earth that suddenly appears close to earth. And they ask at some point what would you do if you met the mirror version of yourself. And I thought what would I do if I met another version of me from a multiple universe. And I would ask him about how he is different from me and find out how those differences has changed his life, what he has learned from them that I haven't because I did something different. So as to learn from him, learn more about myself.