Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random though on abort

The ethical question on abort can be compared to a heads up Texas Hold 'Em poker game. When you are small blind, or big blind and the other player has raised, you are considering wether you should call or fold. The flop about to come that could make your hand good or bad, can be thought of as both existing and non existing. It doesn't really exist because no one has seen it and the cards are random, so the potential hand you could get doesn't exist before the flop is shown, therefore you do not lose that potential hand if you fold, as it doesn't exist yet.

The same way when a baby is growing inside a belly it is only a potential person. It is only a certain set of genes and a biological animal, there is yet no soul. In my head what makes a person into the person he or she is, is the things that happen around and to him or her, and not the genes which merely is how a person is biologically build. So in that way a baby inside a belly does not exist before it is born.

So in the same way as the poker hand before the flop, one does not lose anything by giving it up.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Samsung B6050 LED TV

For a long time I've been tired of the noobness of my old TV, a Prosonic LCD HDTV 32''. Pixelerror, losing connection from PC, some extreme flickering when watching from antenna ect. So after reading many a reviews, forum entries ect. I was down to choosing between two TVs. The LG L8000 and the Samsung B6050. Both 37''. I visited pretty much all electronic stores in the city to try and find them so I could seem them in real life, found the Samsung a few places but the LG was no where to be found. However some time later when I had a few minutes wait for the bus I went into one of the stores I'd been in before to see if they should have gotten the LG in the meantime and to my luck they had.

After that I decided to go with the Samsung based on it's better design and the fact that the picture quality seemed pretty equal, which is also what different reviews have said, the Samsung bit better at some things and the LG a bit better at other things.

Still didn't buy it right away as I was waiting for a nice offer somewhere. Just before the olympics I discovered I have DR HD, which sent a lot of olympics, but I needed the new TV with digital tuner which my old was lacking to see it, so I decided to buy the new one few days into the olympics.