Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Eurovision Song Contest 2010

I think the final was maybe the best show ever ;o Apart from about a handfull of songs they were all really good in my opinion. I really liked german song aswell so I'm really happy it won. Was considering betting money on it but was already minus 200€ in my account so couldn't afford loosing anything :/ There were so many good songs so I voted four times in the final, on Germany, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia.

I was kinda of afraid it would be a bad final with some really bad song going to final like the isreali, russian, greece and belgium songs, and a couple of good ones not going to final like the swedish, finnish and latvian. However still a lot of good ones in final as I said.

The waiting-for-votes show was really nice this year aswell, for once it was actually not totally boring to watch. The voting was exciting aswell, not the first place, but the fight for second place, especially with Denmark in the fight. As for the danish song I really like it except the chorus which is boring and totally ruins it, too bad caus I really like the other parts of the song.

So all in all a fucking amazing show :)~

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