Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Night of dreams

Last night I had no less than three dreams I remembered, all somewhat sad and borderline nightmares.

First one was that Abula had closed down the elma scene. How one would do that I'm not sure, but he had decided that it now was time to stop it all. There was a news post on moposite with more than 100 comments and GuyB had made the first comment. I wasn't home on that day I think so saw it the next and got really sad. Almost started crying, but then it turned out it was an aprils fool.

At the second I was at some kind of market or festival or something with some shops and booths, I was going to one of them, not really sure was it was about. However Hitler was still alive and he was coming to that booth aswell with his wife. Somehow I knew he was now 101 years old, and I say hi to him and his wife and shook his hand, which was really fragile because he was so old.

In the third my great grandmother had died and me and my four siblings (3 older brothers, 1 younger sister) where to get the heritage. In the start me and 2 of my brothers were riding around on horses for some reason. We had the will on a piece of paper and someone lost it in the sea or dock or something. That meant we couldn't get the money and we were quite sad. However someone then jumped in the water and got the paper back. A bit later my three brother were talking to the guy who adminstrated the will and it turned out that the money would only be given the three of us that were riding on the horses before for some reason. However my three brothers were trying to get the money for them. I saw they were talking about it and protested, and said I'd be glad to share it will all five of us. Then I don't remember if anymore happened.

On another note the best of 2009 winners will come today or tomorrow, and I turned on word verification for comments, as I've gotten some spam comments lately.


Anonymous said...

Abula shutting down the elma scene :(

We all know it will never happen though, Mawane will make levels until he is 93.

Anonymous said...

Has already been an April Fools, though. -- twipley