Friday, December 11, 2009

Series fall 2009 and emmys followup

I wanted to do a post like this many times last couple of years but never got around to it, lets see if I finish it this time.

First a little followup on my kopa emmys. I introduced the honorary award this year because this kind of awards don't really honor those REALLY amazing series like they deserve. The awards are just for what were good that season and depends a lot of which other series were on at the same time, so winning best comedy one year for example might be easier one year than another, and the actors awards ofcourse doesn't tell if they show is really good, ofcourse a little but. However this award which will not necessary be given out every year are to honor those REALLY good shows that are still good five years after they ended. So it obviously had to go to Friends, and if it's not obvious to you, either you haven't seen it in which case you shouldn't be reading this, my blog might be good but doesn't compare to friends, or if you have seen it you obviously have no sense of homour what so ever. Anyway I can still watch this show today and totally crack up or get sad when something bad happens and it continues to be one of the things I mostly wanna do at any time even though I have seen it very many times. On that note a new version of the DVD set was recently released, which I bought even though I had a DVD set already of it, but this had the uncut version, which is some 30 to 120 extra seconds per episode. Doesn't sound like much but it's almost 10 new episodes all in all. Some parts I can see why they decided to cut those but others are really funny and good.

Wow this was a long paragraph. So here's a short one to make up for it.

Back to the current shows that were awarded. Comedy series was somewhat close between Scrubs and HIMYM, but Scrubs really had a good ending (I know it's still on, but Bill Lawrence said it's practically a spin-off, and they only kept the name for business reasons).

Drama series was really really hard to decide, Both FNL and Lost had simply amazing seasons, I can't even remember what made me choose one of them.

There are two other shows I'd like to mention, which both got cut of rather quick. Cupid and The Ex List. Both shows that were mainly romances which not really any shows are, which made me really like them.

Enough about last season. Now let's have a look at some of the new shows. To make it easy I'm just gonna catagorize them.

The really bad, that I stopped watching after one or a few episodes:
The Forgotten

The okay shows that I just watch because there are nothing better or I've already invested in the charactors:
Modern Family

The fine shows:
Flash Forward
The middle
Melrose Place

The really good:
Accidentally on Purpose
Cougar Town
Scrubs - Med School

Melrose Place I have to say really surprised me. Glee is really nice because it's such a different shows. Cougar Town and Accidentally on Purpose are really fun. Mercy might be your usual medical show, but I haven't watched many of them. Scrubs - med school, which I choose to catagorize as a new show is off to a good start, I hope it will stay well (phun intended ;)).