Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lying positions

So lately I've been having a hard time finding a good lying position when going to sleep, always moving around and such. Maybe it's because I'm getting so old now that I've been lying a lot and have used up all the good lying position, so I can't find any good ones anymore?

Friday, June 26, 2009

The King is Dead

At first didn't want to write about this, as I don't really write about that much stuff that happens, but it did affect me a lot today and last night. The king of pop died, eventhough I'm not really a fan of him, I have no problem calling him that. Last night around 23 people started pasting links in IRC saying he had had a heart attack. Soon there were rumours he was dead. I wanted to get some better confirmation, but knowing from experience, when rumours come like that they're most likely true.

I followed it live on a short while and then saw two episodes of Friends (The one with the proposal part 1 and 2). After that I tuned it at again and short after CNN had confirmed the death. Followed it for a while, just wanting to follow what is arguably the "biggest" death in my lifetime.

I think I've never watched as many news transmissions as I've done today, saw two on DR Update and TV2 news twice aswell. I even bought a news paper (Ekstra Bladet). Also downloaded the Thriller album today, and saw a guy who had bought some best of album of him at the pizza place.

As I said I've never really been a big fan of him, but I've still heard his songs a lot ofcourse. I remember following the decision of his trial in 2005 talking about it on IRC being very happy that he was found not guilty. One day at the danish emergency management agency driving to or from a running session, we heard Billie Jean in the radio and talked about him. After that I heard that song a lot for some time. During the first week at uni we had some singing competition thing where I had to sing Billie Jean, not an easy song to sing :-).

He made some amazing songs and has surely inspired many of those pop artists I listen to today. He was a big icon and it still hard to believe he is really dead.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

EOL site: Teams

As you may know I'm making the website for the upcoming elma online. I'll write some posts about some of the features that I make, or maybe just this one post, we'll see.

Recently I've been working on how teams should work. At first you could just join any team, but because of the team rankings this was not such a good idea. It's not totally decided yet which ranking system we're going to use and how the team ranking is going to work. However team ranking might work a bit like this. Right now it's an average of the players in team, but someone suggested that instead it works like the individual ranking, so that in a battle the best player of each team in that battle counts for the team ranking that battle and the ranking points achieved is calculated based on the teams and other teams ranking.

This is why it is important that no one plays a battle while in a wrong team, hence fucking up the team ranking. The solution I decided on after discussing it a bit with kd is as follows. By default you can join any team you like. Anyone in a team can then lock and unlock the team. So when the team is locked obviously no one can join it. It also saves a history of which teams you've been in when. So that in case someone joins an unlocked team he is not part of, plays a battle, and fucks up the teams ranking, we can edit his team history and recalculate the team rankings using the team history.

I have coded it all except the part that recalculates the team ranking according to the team history. So I hope I'll be able to so all this works ;-)

And sorry it all this doesn't make any sense, but it does in my head atleast.