Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday night nostalgia

Saturday afternoon I suddenly heard a big BANG! and all the power in my apartment was gone. After turning on the relay again I realised it was my computer that had burned out. After telling about it on #ranks aph0 said he was max sure it was the PSU that had burned out.

After reading some reviews I decided on a Corsair HX520W, to replace the old, in the hope that on other parts had burned out with it. I found a local store that had it so I could get it from there already monday.

This all leads to what I really wanted to say. As I couldn't use my stationary computer with all my mp3's I used my laptop, and at one point heard some songs from youtube. I ended up hearing/seeing a lot of more or less nostalgic songs, and made a playlist of them.

To get back to the PSU, I got the new one monday, put it in, and it worked \o/.

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