Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Update: Since Eurotrip

Didn't want to do any other posts before I was finished with the posts about my eurotrip, so here's a little update on what's been going on since.

A week or so after I got home I started looking for a job. Planned on getting a job for three months so I could have a good long summer holiday before maybe starting on university or something. After searching some I found a temp agency which I figured might be the best solution since I didn't need a job for so long. It turned out to be a good solution, not that the things I got to do was especially exciting, just simple factory stuff. However the temp agency had a lot of work, so there were only like three or four days during those three months where I didn't work, of those days I wanted to work. Quitted at the end of june.

During those three months it was also a very big priority to figure out what I wanted to do after the summer. I was pretty certain I wanted to go to university as I really liked the time in high school I thought it could be cool. However I was, and still am for that matter, really not sure what I wanna do/be eventually. However a field that I've been somewhat interested in for a long time has been architecture. Back in tenth grade when we did projects about what we wanna be I made mine about that. Then for a long time I didn't think that much of becoming that, but in senior year in high school we were at this education messe where I where at a lecture about architecture and that kind of got me thinking of that again. Also a couple of series and movies has had influence, such as Ted Mosby who's an architect in How I Met Your Mother. Anyway this were the different educations that I considered:

  • Architect School (Århus)
  • Engineer in Architecture and Design (Ålborg)
  • Landscape architecture
  • Movie- and Media Science (Copenhagen)
  • Media Science (Århus/Odense)
  • Digital Design - IT esthetics and Interaction (Århus)

However with most of these there were some problems. For Architect school I would need a much highter grade or go to some entrance examination which I didn't get around to. For Engineer in Architecture and Design aswell as Landscape architecture I needed two subjects (chemistry and physics) which I didn't have time to take before september when I found that out. As for Movie- and Media Science aswell as Media Science I also needed a higher grade unless I wanted to go to Odense, and on second thought I figured out that it wasn't really what I wanted to do. Digital Design however was the only one I could get directly into.

So eventually the decision I made was to choose Architect school as first priority and Digital Design as second, well knowing that I would be very lucky to get into Architect School. Digital Design is starting it's only second year this year, so it hard to say what it really is, so I thought I could just try it, and if after half a year I hated it, I would still have time to take the nessecary courses to get into Engineer in Architecture and Design.

Some time during this period I discovered the band Paramore. They played in Copenhagen in June so I took a quick decision to go see them. On the day of the concert I took the train to copenhagen where I'd booked a room in a hotel and took the train back the next day. As previously mentioned Avril Lavigne also played in Copenhagen in June, which I'd bought ticket for already in January. For that concert I borrowed my mothers car and drove there at the day at the concert and took home the same night. Both concerts were pretty awesome, especially Avril Lavigne =)

In July I was on vacation with my family and my fathers sister and her family to Corsica for two weeks. Hot weather, bathing, watching the nature, eating were some of the highlights.

July 31st I got accepted on Digital Design. So August went with finding an apartment and moving. Pictures here. On August 25th I started on the university but more about that in another post.