Monday, June 23, 2008

March 12 Panic at the Disco

After eating breakfast at the hotel, which had a nice sortiment compared to the one in Lyon, I went to explore the nearby parts of the city. I came by this huge shopping centre called Manchester Arndale which I walked around in for a while, but didn't buy anything. It also had an eating place on the second floor, consisting of a bunch of fast food chains around in a circle with a large seating area in the middle.

As the time of the concert approched I walked to concert place which was inside the Manchester University Campus. After finding the concert place I searched for somewhere to eat and eventually found a subway which I decided to try out. I got an Italian BMT which was really good.

Then I could go back to the concert place a queue for some time before getting in. I can't remember the name of the warm up band, but after them Panic came on. They didn't play for that long, but atleast played all the songs that I know.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

March 11 London/Manchester

Hadn't made any plans as for which trains to take from London to Manchester as it's not that far and there's a lot of train going there every day. So I went to the train station and found a train that gave me time to also buy an eurostar ticket for when I'm going back from London to Lille. I changed trains in Sheffield where I also had lunch at a Burger King.

When I got to Manchester I first checked out the metro kinda train they had, but it seemed they didn't go near to where I was going. So I took a cab to my hostel. When I got there the placed was locked and there was a note to call this number for hostel inquiries. I called it but the number didn't exists. So there I was in some southern Manchester suburb with no where to sleep. Anyway, I got a cab back to the train station. I recalled there were some hotel booth there but appearently that had been somewhere else. So I started walking around to find a place, and eventually found a place with a decent price, which also luckily had a room for me for those four nights if I changed room after the first night.

For dinner I found a pizza hut and had a Hawaii deep pan with pepperoni. A combination that has lately grown to be my favorite pizza (with or without the deep pan).

March 10 Covent Garden, Leicester Square ect.

In the afternoon I went back to Covent Garden again, as it had been closed the day before. It weren't all that interesting though. The small shops and such didn't have much stuff I was interested in. And it was raining a bit aswell, so there weren't anything going on outside. I thought about going to see the Lion King musical, but they weren't showing it that day. So after walking around there a bit I went into a nearby HMV store where I bought a couple of DVDs and a CD: The Pursuit of Happyness, Hollywoodland, Will Ferrel Box (Old School and Anchorman) and The Corrs - Live in Dublin.

As advised in the mini metro card I had I went to the Leicester metro station instead of the Covent Garden one, as that one can be a bit crowded. On my way there I came by Leicester Square, which I checked out a bit. It was mostly a lot of cinemas in a circle and a small park in the middle.