Thursday, July 31, 2008

March 17 Nightwish

Before the concert I didn't felt like doing much so I watched a little TV in my room, some Paris-Nice and some A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. After looking some at my Hamburg map I decided on which metro station to go to for the concert, there weren't any really close, but it wasn't too bad. Color Line Area where the concert took place were quite big, only bigger one I was at were The o2 arena.

Cool concert with fire and everything. A lot of leather wearing and goth kind of people there.

After the concert I walked back to the metro station, but nothing was written on the monitors, so I was a little afraid I couldn't get home, but as there were a lot of other people waiting aswell I guess there might come one. There did, it just didn't show on the screen untill five minutes before. Had to change metro at the hauptbaunhof where I went by McD for a McChicken meal, waiting in a long queue first. When I took the metro back to my hostel I was totally alone in my waggon. Back at the hostel I tried opening the door with the key I'd gotten but couldn't. There were two doors so tried both but nothing worked and started getting worried. However I kept trying and eventually it opened and I was quite reliefed. Quite a mongo lock though. Then I could eat my McChicken in my room.

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