Tuesday, July 01, 2008

March 14 Dinosaurs and Mommies

As the first thing that day I went to an IMAX cinema to see if anything interesting was playing. There weren't really any IMAX stuff, expect an Hannah Montana concert, but there were some interesting movies, thought not untill later on the day. So I went to the Manchester Museum instead which also was placed in the Manchester University campus (like the concert place). It was free to get in and they had some really cool stuff, such as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, around 5-8 mommies and a lot of stuffed animals.

When I was done in the museum I went back to the IMAX cinema and saw Semi Pro. The cinema was quite close the Arndale so I went in there afterwards to get something to eat. However the eating area was closing at that time so I had to find some other place. I found an Subway not far from there, in which I bought an Italian BMT (like on the day of the panic concert) which I eat at the hotel, after stopping by some small supermarket for some drinks.

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