Tuesday, July 01, 2008

March 13 Urbis

After breakfast at the hotel I went to Urbis, which is some exhibition hall. When I found it there were some school class on their way in so I waited a bit with going in, and instead took a look at some surrounding things, such as an old church and a river. Inside Urbis there were an Advertising exhibition and and Manga exhibition which opened that very day, and actually not untill a little while after I arrived.

After seeing that and buying an Manga Clip Art book in the giftshop I went to the Manchester Arndale again. I bought a used version of the Torino 2006 game. After that I didn't felt like doing much more and went back to the hotel where I saw two episodes of The Class, Friends and Scrubs. For dinner I went back to Arndale again and had some at KFC.

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