Thursday, July 31, 2008

March 17 Nightwish

Before the concert I didn't felt like doing much so I watched a little TV in my room, some Paris-Nice and some A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. After looking some at my Hamburg map I decided on which metro station to go to for the concert, there weren't any really close, but it wasn't too bad. Color Line Area where the concert took place were quite big, only bigger one I was at were The o2 arena.

Cool concert with fire and everything. A lot of leather wearing and goth kind of people there.

After the concert I walked back to the metro station, but nothing was written on the monitors, so I was a little afraid I couldn't get home, but as there were a lot of other people waiting aswell I guess there might come one. There did, it just didn't show on the screen untill five minutes before. Had to change metro at the hauptbaunhof where I went by McD for a McChicken meal, waiting in a long queue first. When I took the metro back to my hostel I was totally alone in my waggon. Back at the hostel I tried opening the door with the key I'd gotten but couldn't. There were two doors so tried both but nothing worked and started getting worried. However I kept trying and eventually it opened and I was quite reliefed. Quite a mongo lock though. Then I could eat my McChicken in my room.

March 16 Lille/Hamburg

From the hotel back to the train station with the metro and finding my train to Hamburg. Once in Hamburg I once again had to figure out a new metro system. But I managed, maybe even legally. My hostel was in the St. Pauli area, but even though I arrived there in the evening there wasn't any hookers or mafia, only a couple of homeless people, atleast in the area I were.

From this day and on I didn't get any notes written so I might not remember everything, as for food I might have bought a bic mac meal at the train station which I brought to the hostel.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

March 15 Manchester/Lille

After getting breakfast at the hotel I walked to the train station to take the train to London. The area around the train station in London I knew well from when I'd stayed there so I went to the nearby McDonalds for dinner. Afterwards there were still some time before the Eurostar to Lille that I'd booked departed, so I waited around in the train station for some time before checking in. Would have to say it's quite a sucky train station to wait in, as there's almost no benches, as well as no litter boxes.

While waiting in the Eurostart waiting area after checking in, this really hot girl sat in front of me. So I took a couple of paprazzi pictures of her with my mobile :P. See them here: 1 2 3 4

The Eurostart train was soon in Lille. At the station I bought a map of Lille to find my hotel. I took the metro to the nearest station and walked the rest of the way to the hotel. This hotel was one of the more expensive ones, so also quite nice, and a big room which also had a bath tub which I used that evening.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

March 14 Dinosaurs and Mommies

As the first thing that day I went to an IMAX cinema to see if anything interesting was playing. There weren't really any IMAX stuff, expect an Hannah Montana concert, but there were some interesting movies, thought not untill later on the day. So I went to the Manchester Museum instead which also was placed in the Manchester University campus (like the concert place). It was free to get in and they had some really cool stuff, such as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, around 5-8 mommies and a lot of stuffed animals.

When I was done in the museum I went back to the IMAX cinema and saw Semi Pro. The cinema was quite close the Arndale so I went in there afterwards to get something to eat. However the eating area was closing at that time so I had to find some other place. I found an Subway not far from there, in which I bought an Italian BMT (like on the day of the panic concert) which I eat at the hotel, after stopping by some small supermarket for some drinks.

March 13 Urbis

After breakfast at the hotel I went to Urbis, which is some exhibition hall. When I found it there were some school class on their way in so I waited a bit with going in, and instead took a look at some surrounding things, such as an old church and a river. Inside Urbis there were an Advertising exhibition and and Manga exhibition which opened that very day, and actually not untill a little while after I arrived.

After seeing that and buying an Manga Clip Art book in the giftshop I went to the Manchester Arndale again. I bought a used version of the Torino 2006 game. After that I didn't felt like doing much more and went back to the hotel where I saw two episodes of The Class, Friends and Scrubs. For dinner I went back to Arndale again and had some at KFC.