Thursday, June 05, 2008

March 11 London/Manchester

Hadn't made any plans as for which trains to take from London to Manchester as it's not that far and there's a lot of train going there every day. So I went to the train station and found a train that gave me time to also buy an eurostar ticket for when I'm going back from London to Lille. I changed trains in Sheffield where I also had lunch at a Burger King.

When I got to Manchester I first checked out the metro kinda train they had, but it seemed they didn't go near to where I was going. So I took a cab to my hostel. When I got there the placed was locked and there was a note to call this number for hostel inquiries. I called it but the number didn't exists. So there I was in some southern Manchester suburb with no where to sleep. Anyway, I got a cab back to the train station. I recalled there were some hotel booth there but appearently that had been somewhere else. So I started walking around to find a place, and eventually found a place with a decent price, which also luckily had a room for me for those four nights if I changed room after the first night.

For dinner I found a pizza hut and had a Hawaii deep pan with pepperoni. A combination that has lately grown to be my favorite pizza (with or without the deep pan).

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