Tuesday, May 13, 2008

March 9 Back to the O2

As my shaver had partly broken aswell as run out of power and I'd forgotten my reloader I had to find a solution. So I took the metro to the victoria station where I'd been a couple of days before, so I knew there were some shops there. I found some one time shavers and foam. I've never used anything but electric shavers before, so it took some time to get shaved. But I managed to.

I'd read about an egyptian exhibition at the O2 from home, so I went there to check it out. You had to buy a ticket for a certain time limit, I got 15:30 to 16:00 which was two hours from the time I bought it. So I took the metro to the london bridge station to check out the bridge and get something to eat. I never actually found the bridge, and the only place to eat I found was a McD, not nesecary a bad thing though.

However I got back to the O2 again for the exhibition, which despite all the fuss wasn't that special, well atleast not when you've been in actual egypt :).

After the egypt exhibition I saw Vantage Point in the cinema at the O2. Fine movie, rated it a 7/10 though I didn't really like the ending. Bought some sweet popcorn in there, which were totally uneatable.

In the evening I went back to Covent Garden as I didn't really had had that much time to check it out the day before. The market turned out to be closed though, so it was pretty empty. So I found a Pizza Hut to get something to eat and went home.

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