Tuesday, May 13, 2008

March 9 Back to the O2

As my shaver had partly broken aswell as run out of power and I'd forgotten my reloader I had to find a solution. So I took the metro to the victoria station where I'd been a couple of days before, so I knew there were some shops there. I found some one time shavers and foam. I've never used anything but electric shavers before, so it took some time to get shaved. But I managed to.

I'd read about an egyptian exhibition at the O2 from home, so I went there to check it out. You had to buy a ticket for a certain time limit, I got 15:30 to 16:00 which was two hours from the time I bought it. So I took the metro to the london bridge station to check out the bridge and get something to eat. I never actually found the bridge, and the only place to eat I found was a McD, not nesecary a bad thing though.

However I got back to the O2 again for the exhibition, which despite all the fuss wasn't that special, well atleast not when you've been in actual egypt :).

After the egypt exhibition I saw Vantage Point in the cinema at the O2. Fine movie, rated it a 7/10 though I didn't really like the ending. Bought some sweet popcorn in there, which were totally uneatable.

In the evening I went back to Covent Garden as I didn't really had had that much time to check it out the day before. The market turned out to be closed though, so it was pretty empty. So I found a Pizza Hut to get something to eat and went home.

Monday, May 12, 2008

March 8 LOTR Musical

I went to the internet cafe again today as the first thing to get tickets for eurostar for when I'm going to Lille and to get tickets for the lord of the rings musical which I'd read about on visitlondon.com at home. I couldn't get the eurostar ticket because of some visa validating shit, but I got a ticket for LOTR, that same night.

In the afternoon I went to see some of the usual tourist attractions. First I went to Westminster to seee the bridge, big ben, house of parliament and all that. Then I went to Tower Bridge and walked a bit around there. While I was there my parents called. I didn't hear it at first but called them back, and we walked a bit.

As it soon was time for the musical I took to covent garden where it was. Where I found the place to collect my ticket. There were still an hour till it started so I walked around a bit and got a hot dog. At covent garden there were a market so there were a lot of people. There were also this guy driving on a one wheeled bike, who also jongled with a motor saw amongst other things, all wearing nothing but his underwear.

The lord of the rings musical was pretty nice. They had some really cool effects, such as the balrog.