Tuesday, April 22, 2008

March 7 Rihanna

Around noon I went to the local McDonalds for lunch, after which I went to the internet cafe to check a few things out along with checking my mail and cs-manager ect.

After going back to the hotell and gettting ready I went to the O2 for the rihanna concert. The O2 showed to be a huge place which along with the concert arena also holds a lot of eating places, a cinema, exhibitions and some other tings, all under one roof, or rather one tent. It opened only last year.

There weren't any queue yet at the entrance so I walked a bit around in the O2 to check it out, and as I came back to the concert entry a queue was starting, so I joined it. I came into a huge arena which had seating everywhere even on the ground floor. I had a seat on the left wing in the first row quite close to the scene. I cant remember if it were before or after the warm up act - David Jordan who were fairly decent - that some guy came into the crowd to see the concert and everyone started screaming and taking pictures of him, I guess he was some famous person, but I didn't know him. There were a lot of teenage - and some probably even younger - girls at the concert so there were a lot of high voice screaming. Somewhat annoying at some points. Anyway it was a fine concert, she played a lot of the songs that I know.

I decided to wait around a bit after the concert to avoid the worst crowd in the metro and went to get a hot dog. The first place I went sent me to another place close to as she didn't have anymore sausages. However nor did the other place, but she started making some. While I waited she offered a free soda for the wait and asked about the concert and wether or not I thought she looked better irl than on the pictures, to which I said yes. Then she sent me back to the first place as they had some sausages ready. I eat it and went back to the hotel.

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