Tuesday, April 01, 2008

March 6 My foot hurts

The day before my right foot started hurting a bit. I didn't think more of it, but today I woke up to it being even worse. It hurt everytime I stepped on it. So I decided not to do too much that day, hoping it would get better for tomorrows concert.

For lunch I got a whopper meal on the local burger king. Form there I took the metro to the victoria station to do some shopping and to have a look around. I bought a london map in some souvenir shop. As I walked around a bit I found a shopping centre at the victoria station and looked around for a top part for my shaver which I had broken. I only found some small shops carrying shavers which didn't have what I needed. I came by an internet cafe aswell but decided not to go in as it seemed quite filled up. So I went back to the WHSmith store I'd seen - a store where they have a lot of magazines - to buy a couple of magazines and some drinks. From there I went back to the hostel.

As I got hungry in the evening I went to explore the local area a bit more and found there to be a lot of eating places, some shops and an internet cafe all quite close to my hotel, including a pizza place I went into to get an hawaii deep pan. In a free thelondonpaper I got on the my way back I saw that channel 4 sent and episode of The Big Bang Theory at 10, which I obviously turned in to see.

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