Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 5 Lyon/London

I checked out of my hotel at 7 in the morning and walked the 3km to the train departing at 8:22. I changed train twice in two smaller cities before reaching Paris. I had to get to another station in Paris, so I took the metro. However I got on a metro driving the different direction of where I was heading. As the previous train had been 25 minutes late, this made me miss my train to Lille. From Lille I was going to use eurostar which are the only company to cross the France/England channel. So I decided to take eurostar from Paris instead, so it wouldn't be too late before I got to London. Eurostar is not part of interrail, so I had to pay even more to use it from Paris instead of Lille.

Anyway, I got London fast that way, and my hotel in London were only some 300 meters next to the train station, so I was soon there. The room there weren't exactly stunishing. The matress sucked, the light were only a single pære hanging from the roof, the only chair was a garden chair, the heat regulator on the radiator didn't work which made it quite hot, the TV had own antenna which resulted in a poor connection, a shower that wasn't working, and it looked like it hadn't been cleaned for ages.

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