Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 4 Exploring Lyon

I got up again a little past nine to catch breakfast, and then I slept another hour. Around noon I went out to explore the city a bit. I went the opposite way as the day before and found a pedestrian street with a lot of shops, a few only that seemed interesting though. I walked further and found a lot of bigger and smaller landmarks and got a few pics.

As I got hungry I went into an McD to get a big mac meal. After which it soon started to rain, so I decided to go back to the hotel and see if it would stop.

I did stop, and I went out again to explore the parts around the rhöne river. On the pedestrian street a guy approached me who wanted me to give money for trousers for african kids. I ended up giving him some and got a nice key hanger.

Eventuallly I got hungry and felt like pizza. I saw this one place but it was rather expensive so I went towards my hotel, next to which there also were a pizza place. However it was still closed eventhough it was past 18:00. So I walked around a bit to find another place, but eventually got back to the first place. The pizza was quite different from a pizza from a normal pizza place, good, but I'd prefer an hawaii from a normal pizza place any day. As I walked back I got some pics of the river and surroundings in the nighttime.

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