Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 3 Alicia Keys

I woke up a little past nine to catch breakfast in the hotel before 10. The bread was rather dry but the hot chocolade was good. I stayed in my room for some hours, still a little tired from the day before and wanted to a lot of energy for the concert in the evening. I spend tthe time reading 'Norwegian Wood', showering and watched an episode of Happy Hour on my cell. The sound was terrible out of sync though, some nab program I used to convert them to 3gp appearently.

I went out sometime in the afternoon to get something to eat and get at the concert early. I went along the river in the direction of Halle Tony Garnier where the concert were. Along the river there weren't any places to eat and it started raining, luckily it soon stopped again. Eventually I got to Halle Tony Garnier and I could see a lot of people waiting outside. Still needing to eat and with almost 3 hours till it started I walked past it as I could see some shops and restaurants in that area. It took some time for me to find a place to eat since some places were still closed, but eventually I found an Ali Baba Kebab that seemed decent, though the kebab was not especially good. Well it was food.

Afterwards I went back to the concert place seeing that the doors had been opened. So I went in eventhough there were still an hour and twenty minutes left. However as I got in I found that there were already a DJ warming up. Eventhough I had a seating ticket I decided to stand as I could get much closer that way. The DJ played some bad hiphop, however the warm up act Dumaine Paul (spelling) was decent.

Alicia Keys put up a nice show and I enjoyed it quite a lot eventhough there's many of her not so known songs that I'm not that much into. However as second last she played 'No One' and it went crazy, a couple of thousand people who really really loves that song singing along, that was amazing.

As I walked home along the river it was a nice sight in the dark, sadly my camera ran out of power.

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