Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 5 Lyon/London

I checked out of my hotel at 7 in the morning and walked the 3km to the train departing at 8:22. I changed train twice in two smaller cities before reaching Paris. I had to get to another station in Paris, so I took the metro. However I got on a metro driving the different direction of where I was heading. As the previous train had been 25 minutes late, this made me miss my train to Lille. From Lille I was going to use eurostar which are the only company to cross the France/England channel. So I decided to take eurostar from Paris instead, so it wouldn't be too late before I got to London. Eurostar is not part of interrail, so I had to pay even more to use it from Paris instead of Lille.

Anyway, I got London fast that way, and my hotel in London were only some 300 meters next to the train station, so I was soon there. The room there weren't exactly stunishing. The matress sucked, the light were only a single pære hanging from the roof, the only chair was a garden chair, the heat regulator on the radiator didn't work which made it quite hot, the TV had own antenna which resulted in a poor connection, a shower that wasn't working, and it looked like it hadn't been cleaned for ages.

One happy kopa

A couple of hours ago I discovered what must be the best news I heard in a very very long time. Scrubs seems to be renewed for an 8th season by ABC (it's on NBC currently). (see article) It has for a long time been the word that it was going to end after this season, and being a huge fan of this show this really makes me happy. I had kinda lost faith that something like this could happen after the millions of great shows being cancelled over the last couple of years.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 4 Exploring Lyon

I got up again a little past nine to catch breakfast, and then I slept another hour. Around noon I went out to explore the city a bit. I went the opposite way as the day before and found a pedestrian street with a lot of shops, a few only that seemed interesting though. I walked further and found a lot of bigger and smaller landmarks and got a few pics.

As I got hungry I went into an McD to get a big mac meal. After which it soon started to rain, so I decided to go back to the hotel and see if it would stop.

I did stop, and I went out again to explore the parts around the rhöne river. On the pedestrian street a guy approached me who wanted me to give money for trousers for african kids. I ended up giving him some and got a nice key hanger.

Eventuallly I got hungry and felt like pizza. I saw this one place but it was rather expensive so I went towards my hotel, next to which there also were a pizza place. However it was still closed eventhough it was past 18:00. So I walked around a bit to find another place, but eventually got back to the first place. The pizza was quite different from a pizza from a normal pizza place, good, but I'd prefer an hawaii from a normal pizza place any day. As I walked back I got some pics of the river and surroundings in the nighttime.

March 3 Alicia Keys

I woke up a little past nine to catch breakfast in the hotel before 10. The bread was rather dry but the hot chocolade was good. I stayed in my room for some hours, still a little tired from the day before and wanted to a lot of energy for the concert in the evening. I spend tthe time reading 'Norwegian Wood', showering and watched an episode of Happy Hour on my cell. The sound was terrible out of sync though, some nab program I used to convert them to 3gp appearently.

I went out sometime in the afternoon to get something to eat and get at the concert early. I went along the river in the direction of Halle Tony Garnier where the concert were. Along the river there weren't any places to eat and it started raining, luckily it soon stopped again. Eventually I got to Halle Tony Garnier and I could see a lot of people waiting outside. Still needing to eat and with almost 3 hours till it started I walked past it as I could see some shops and restaurants in that area. It took some time for me to find a place to eat since some places were still closed, but eventually I found an Ali Baba Kebab that seemed decent, though the kebab was not especially good. Well it was food.

Afterwards I went back to the concert place seeing that the doors had been opened. So I went in eventhough there were still an hour and twenty minutes left. However as I got in I found that there were already a DJ warming up. Eventhough I had a seating ticket I decided to stand as I could get much closer that way. The DJ played some bad hiphop, however the warm up act Dumaine Paul (spelling) was decent.

Alicia Keys put up a nice show and I enjoyed it quite a lot eventhough there's many of her not so known songs that I'm not that much into. However as second last she played 'No One' and it went crazy, a couple of thousand people who really really loves that song singing along, that was amazing.

As I walked home along the river it was a nice sight in the dark, sadly my camera ran out of power.

Friday, March 21, 2008

March 2 Denmark/Lyon

The night before as I was home alone, I did the past preperations for the trip such as packing my bag. Other than that I spend the night watching Zulu Awards, a couple of Scrubs episodes and eating popcorn and ice cream.

As for this day, there really isn't much to say. The whole day spent sitting in a train. The day started at 3:0 in the morning when my dad drove me to the train in Kolding, which departed at 6:40. From there to Padborg to Hamburg to Basel to Geneva to Lyon at 21:47. The train from Hamburg to Basel at one time was delayed and I started getting a little worried as I only had 8 minutes to do the transfer in Basel. However it luckily caught up on the lost minutes just before reaching Basel.

Somewhat frustrating it is sitting in a train when you don't understand a word of what everyone says. There were two swedish poeple next to me in the Basel-Geneva train. Eventhough I didn't talk to them, it was nice to hear something I could actually understand some of. In the Geneva-Lyon two frenchmen asked me something, but obviously I could only answer that I didn't understand them. Should be nice getting to england.

And dame it's a long time since I've written this much in hand. I found this nice pen I'd forgotten I had just before the trip, quite a pleasure to write with it was.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Spectacular return of Kopaka

So I have returned, from the dark streets of Hamburg. I came home last night a little past ten, but much more about that later. Pictures are beeing uploaded to my gallery as I type, and I've handwritten a lot about the happenings these past 17 days, so be ready for a lot of entries!

Edit: You can see the pictures now on