Saturday, February 16, 2008

Two XP reinstalls later..

In my eternal pursuit to reduce the noise level from my computer I ordered two sets of Harddisc stabilizer things along with a MicroSD card I needed. I bought a new soundcard aswell while I was at it, a Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio for PCI-express, but that's a whole different story. Tuesday I recieved it and opened up my computer to put it into use. That went without much trouble, except from getting one of the harddrives out of the old boxes I had them in to prevent noise aswell. I replaced these since they were ugly and caused the harddrive to become too hot.

As I booted up the computer again I got a System boot error, which I gotten before so I knew it had probably something to do with the cables not being attached properly. (I learned later that day it's because which SATA connector you attach them to on the motherboard decides which is master and slave.) When I switched them around I got another error however, some .dll file in windows missing. I tried getting the .dll from my fathers computer, but that didn't help, so I had to do an XP reinstall. Last time I did so I'd made a small partition for windows, so I didn't have much files to backup, which I did by attaching the harddrive to my dads computer.

Some nabness in windows installation caused some some trouble when XP was back up. It had made another drive than the windows drive C: and system drive. So the boot information and such were not on the windows drive. But it worked fine so what the fuck.

A day or two later the computer suddenly freezes totally and go blue screen, and it happens again and again. I soon narrows the error down to my oldest harddrive, a maxtor 160gb. The one that is C: but not windows drive. I couldn't access any files on it without the computer freezing. Couldn't run any CHKDSK or anything on it either. I tried getting a trial membership on to get some help. Didn't get much valuable help, but one suggest reinstalling windows, which I do after plugging out the cable to the faulty harddrive so it doesn't make that C: and system disc again.

And that is when magic happens. When I plug it in again after the second XP reinstall in five days there's no more freezing or blue screen \o/ CHKDSK however finds some errors and fixes.

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