Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My gallery

I don't think I've mentioned this, but a while ago I bought a webhotel at dreamhost.com, mainly to get more discspace. They offer 500gb, a bit more than my old, where I have 500mb. It costs a lot more obviously, but not too much. Anyway I ordred a new domain along with it aswell, as I haven't moved kopasite there yet, because I still have some time untill it expires on e-studio.dk. Beside more space they also offer a lot of great things, such a posibility to make unlimited databases instead of having everything in one.

The domain I ordered was sshoyer.net, which I'm going to use as a portal for all my minor sites such as my movie reviews and this blog. It is more of less finished now, as I a few days ago managed to get some parsing working with php so that the newest blog post is on the frontpage of sshoyer.net.

A new page I've made recently is a gallery using the Gallery software. I've sorted most of my digital pictures and put the good ones on the gallery, which now has 752 pictures in 8 catagories.