Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Eurotrip

As previously mentioned I'm going on a small trip in march, so that's pretty soon. By now I've pretty much planned everything out. The main goal of the trip is to exprience some concerts with some nice bands and artists, and it has been planned around that. At one point I had ordered tickets for six concerts, but then in one day two of them cancelled their tours (Natasha Bedingfield and Sophie Ellis-Bextor) and a few days before I found out that I didn't get the ticket anyway that I'd ordered for Kelly Clarkson. However I managed to find a ticket for Kelly Clarkson on some other website, though more expensive, and I found one more concert.

Here's a schedule of my trip:

March 1: Leave from Denmark
2: Lyon
3: Alicia Keys at Lyon
4: Lyon
5: Lyon -> London
6: London
7: Rihanna at London
8: London
9: London
10: London
11: London -> Manchester
12: Panic! at the disco at Manchester
13: Manchester
14: Kelly Clarkson at Manchester
15: Manchester
16: Manchester -> Hamburg
17: Nightwish at Hamburg
18: Hamburg -> Denmark

As transportation I've ordered an interrail ticket. Today I bought 100€ and 100£. I've booked hostels in all the cities where I'll be. So I'm quite ready by now.

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epp said...

damn håber det bliver en nice tur kop =))