Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Last night of freedom

Or something like that. Tomorrow I start serving the country. As told before I'm not going to normal military service, but this thing where you learn to be a fireman and such, which is according to ordbogen.com called the Danish Emergency Management Agency in english.

Let's hope it will be fun!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Oh My Fucking God

..and that is what I have to say about that.

Okay a little more details. If you haven't been following the Tour De France this is what has happened: Dane Michael Rasmussen was leading with 4 stages left and seemed a sure winner. However his team Rabobank fired him and took him out of the Tour because he might have lied about where he was in June (they have to report where they are at all times so they can be checked for doping).

I first read about this when someone posted a link to l'equipe's website in IRC sometime short past 23:00 that evening. At first me and Zerox agreed that it couldn't be true as Rabobank had been very supportive of him in the case so far. But as the next hour went by more and more websites made news about it and I had to realise it was true. Danish TV2 even made a special TV News program about it. As a big cycling and Tour De France fan this made me very sad, and I can't even start to imagine how he himself must be feeling.

It would have been something completely different he it had been tested positive for doping, but he hasn't, he has 17 negative doping test from this year's Tour De France alone. The whole thing is just really fucked up. The International cycling union UCI says there's no reason he should be taken out of the Tour. Rabobank boss Theo de Roij was presured by the Tour De France management ASO to take him out, who for some fucked up reason doesn't like him. It's based on one attention-whore who says he saw him in Italy when he should be in Mexico and the extensive hunting for scoops by the press. You get the feeling that many people in organisations like ASO and danish DCU really hate cyclists, and that sport journalists are failed sportsmen who couldn't make it themselves and then need to get their anger out by suspecting those he did succed for doping and shit. Why can't they just focus on the sport itself instead of constantly trying to find someone they can suspect of something? This one danish newspaper said after this episode that they would stop writing about Tour De France and focus about doping. Which is propably the stupiest thing I've ever heard.

ARGH It just makes me so angry!!!

To me Michael Rasmussen will always be the moral winner of this Tour De France. As a danish comentator said: It was the second best who won.

On a side note this thing also costed me 470 euro as I'd betted on Michael Rasmussen to win the Tour and would have won that.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Phone

After five years of loyal service I decided to let my old Nokia 3310 free on the eternal mobile networks.

I bought a new one around the end of june, through my phone company Telmore, so that I could still use the same number. They have these offers where you can buy a phone for 27€ and then I have to use atleast 27€ each month for the next six months. So practically it costed 188€ and with free SMS/calls/GPRS (as I never use even near 27€ a month). Though I might start using some more since it has gprs which I didn't have before. Anyway, it's a Nokia 6131. I had no special need for a new phone, but I just wanted to try some of all the new features available such as gprs. Also I wanted a phone which you can fold up. It has pretty much all features there is except 3g ones. It has a 1.3 mp camera, I don't really care much for that though, that just happened to be in the phone I wanted. I guess it's pretty hard to find any without camera nowadays.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Graduation parties

At the day of my last exam we had a small gathering for family and some friends from the neighborhood. What happened was basically me getting some presents, eating and talking. I got an alphabeat CD, dynamo label thing (exhanged in the shop for money), office chair, money and some stuff for when I'm moving to own place.

The next weekend we did this thing which is tradition for graduates to do in Denmark. Driving around to everyone in the class and getting a little to eat each place ect. We started friday morning in horse wagon driving around to those living close to the city of the school. It rained much of the time but that didn't mattered too much as there were good mood and such. At some time in the afternoon we changed to a bus in order to get around to some of those living the furthest away. The party mood kinda dumped at this point, either because of the warm bus and no need to jump around to keep warm of because of tiredness. Maybe both I guess. Anyway we ended somewhere getting dinner and drinking, talking, partying ect. untill around midnight when some went into the city, I went home.

The next day we had to meet in school at 8:00 in order to get class pictures taken before the thing where we get our examination certificates. This whole ceremony was boring at some times, but there were also some interesting stuff, such as the speech by my IT teacher and by one of the students. Anyway, I got my certificate, said hello to my parents and brother and sister, and then it was time to continue where we left off last night. This time in a truck, driving around to those living medium far away from the school, including me. It rained at first but soon stopped and it was quite a sunny day. A great and funny day with a good mood all the way through. We ended at this guy from my class called Happy for lumpsters and partying. Including card drinking games, beer drinking games and such. At some time past midnight we went into the city. One of the better evenings of that kind. Besides those from my class there was a lot of other people I knew, and at this dicoteque called Buddy Holly there was a stripper.

All in all two extremely great days. <3

Monday, July 16, 2007

Last exams and results

After spanish exam I had the IT exam. The IT exam is a presentation of a large induvidual project we've made duing the school year. Should be about some kind of graphical user interface, and everyone made a website. You can see mine on kopaka.dk/joomla. Anyway, the presentation went pretty well and I got a 10 for presentation, and an 11 for the written project.

The results of the written exams are put up a dashboard on the school, I went there some day to check it out. Quite disapointing though. 8 in danish, which was fine. 8 in math in which I usually get around 10. ;( And 6 in spanish, quite disapointing aswell, eventhough I normally get around 7 I expected a lot more than 6.

The last exam was law. There were two different subject in my exam, the first one went pretty well, but in the second one I mixed some stuff up and got a 7.

Overall I got an average of 8.2. This also includes the grades you get for what you do during the lessons. I'm not quite satisfied with this. My goal was to get 9. Or atleast 8.7 so I get 9 including the bonus I get for having three subjects on A niveau. I don't know yet if this really matters for me though. Your grade doesn't really matter unless you wanna go to some popular education, which there has a high grade requirement.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Au Revoir

So I graduted, but a lot more about that after I come home from vacation. I'm going to France in two hours with my parents and sister. More preciesly Normandy. I'm especially looking forward to seeing Omaha beach and such. I also got a new phone. So except a lot of updates in a week or so. Will try to take notes this time, so I can remember what happened.