Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More new albums

One album I forgot to mention in this post, is the new Good Charlotte album. I've loved the two prior albums, so I will probably end up buying this one aswell. It is released on.. hmm it seems it is already released. However I have heard the first single "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl". It differs some from what you normally hear from Good Charlotte, but I like it nonetheless. It has some kinda retro sound to it, atleast what I think sounds like retro.

I recall that there was some other new album released soon, but I can't remember it right now. Anyway, after listening to "Fairytale Gone Bad" by Sunrise Avenue a lot I finally acuired the whole album, and it is pretty good. So thanks a lot to Jonkka for recommending :*

Mopo Kup 3 Event 2

For a short moment before MKup3 started I wanted to play it, but I decided not too, as I didn't felt like using so much time on a cup again like I did during Master Cup 2, though I have no doubt I could easily have won MKup3 if I had wanted too. However, this brings me to the point. Sometime, maybe...

So I decided that I might play a single event if some nice level pop ups, which is exactly what has happened. Event 2 is an absolutely awesome level by tijsjoris. It has everything. Some shortcuts, but not too hard ones so it gets frustating. A lot a different styles which are almost equally fast. The perfect lenght, just over one minute. And that nice flow. I have played it some, but not much. So I might not win, but I'm confident I will get a decent placement, if I can only nail the ending.

Did I say how great a level it is?


Sunday, March 04, 2007

them lists

skint0r found this cool site called lists of bests, where you see different kind of movie lists such as IMDb top 250, check which movies you've seen and then see how many percent done with the list you are. There's other things that movie also, such as music, places, people and things. You can also compare your process to other peoples process and create your own lists.

So I created a list of the 50 best movies in my opinion. The movies are in ranking order.
Kopa's faves

These are the lists I've made the most process on:
  1. MTV Movie Awards for "Best Comedic Perfomance" 80% complete
  2. MTV Movie Awards for "Best Fight" 77% complete
  3. MTV Movie Awards for "Best Movie" 60% complete
  4. MTV Movie Awards for "Best Villain" 37% complete
  5. MTV Movie Awards for "Best Action Sequence" 35% complete

Other nice lists:

zeroxcos's "my favorite movies!" 29% complete
100 Things to do before you die 26% complete
IMDb's "Top 250 movies as voted by our users" 15% complete
79th Annual Academy Awards (2007) Winners & Nominees 15% complete
Golden Globe's "Best Picture Award: Musical or Comedy" 15% complete
Academy Awards "Best Picture" 10% complete
skint0r's "My favorite movies" 7% complete