Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow at last

Wednesday morning some snow had fallen. There has been snow a few times earlier this season, but not much, not much at all. Barely anything that stayed on the ground for more than a few seconds. Wednesday there weren't much either. However enough to make me late for school. It continued to snow the whole day wednesday. Enough for my school to announce in the evening that the school was closed Thursday.

It continued to snow during the night and when I woke up thursday I could look out my window and see the most snow I've seen here the last 8 maybe 10 years. My sister is currently on such school were she stays over night, and my dad was on a business trip to russia. So it was only me and my mom at home. I spent the day watching ghost world, some the office and going out to the snow a little. It was still snowing and drifting some so the snow drifts continued to grow bigger during the day and the next night.

Thursday evening the school announced that they would announce in the morning wether it would be closed. I was pretty sure it was impossible to get to school still, and it turned out to be closed aswell friday. So it was another day watching some the office and borat. Apart from that I cleaned some of our driveway from snow and built a snow cave. Tried to make it a tunnel through a snow drift, but there was too far.

Friday also I drove a small trip to the other end of the village (1 km), in order to get some stuff. Those who's place I was going to hadn't cleaned their driveway from snow, eventhough I tried to drive into it, and was stuck. With a little push I managed to get out though.

Monday, February 19, 2007

New spring albums

I have over the last few days some new albums which are released this spring. These are from three of my very favourite singers.

First one is 'Hilary Duff - Dignity' which are released on April 3. I preordered the Deluxe Edition yesterday. It contains beside the album a DVD with 9 videos and some commentary by Duff, some photos and an "individually numbered signature card". It was rather expensive including postage, but she is my number one artist afterall. :)

Second one is 'Avril Lavigne - the best damn thing' which is released April 17. Avril Lavigne I've loved ever since the first single, different from the two others, Duff I discovered a year or some ago and Moore even more recently.

The last album is 'Mandy Moore - Wild Hope'. I currently only has a best of album of hers, so looking forward to hearing a complete studio album.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

FVAN LAN pictures

As promised, here are the pictures from FVANG LAN. Click on the picture to get to the gallery.

On a site note I did a little update on my movies page today. Now it has all-time top 10 and some stats. More stats will come later.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Sometime in early January we decided to have an FVANG LAN at my place this weekend.

Around 14:00 enil, Napol and Zerox arrived in enil's car. As they fixed up computers I had some lunch, and when I came back I realised I hadn't thought of any switch for the LAN. So enil quickly called epp, so he could bring Napol's. epp had to work untill 14:00 or something so he arrived later. While waiting for epp to arrive we played to battles, and basketball on my basketball game.

epp arrived around 17:00. As he fixed up comp we attached Napol's switch to our internet. However it did not work. Luckily epp bought his router aswell. It worked, had only four ports though, but that was no problem as I did wireless.

However a short time afterwards when we were going to play smultronet I could not connect. As I consulted my father I remembered my little sister has a switch. So we tried that one and it worked. \o/ I could not connect before as the router creates some kind of under network.

For dinner my parents bought some family pizzas. Some hawaii and kebab were eaten. That was nice for my stomach. Rest of the night was spent with some battling and smultronet. And random stening ofcourse.

Around 21:00 we drove 5 km to the nearest shop, to get some soda and chips ect. Around 3:00 we went to bed.

When everyone had woken up the next day we had some bread for breakfast. A few days before the LAN we had talked about going to Jesperhus in order to play bowling. So in the afternoon we booked a lane for two hours. Firstly Zerox tried to book, but failed. Then a short time after I tried and succeded.

Apart from that the afternoon was spent with some more battling, smultronet and stening. Also epp, enil and napol played a game of Dota.

My parents cooked a nice dinner, which we rushed a bit through in order to get to the bowling place in time, which were at 20:00. epp ruled. He won the first two games, Zerox won the third. In the last game of which we only played 7 rounds before the time went out, epp won again and I was second. Apart from the last round I sucked pretty hard.

Back we had a few beers and more battling and smultronet. And some leeching obviously. Around 2:00 we made some toasts, and went to bed around 4:00.

In the morning my father had bought rundstykker. After that some last time leeching and such.

They all left a little past 14:00.


PS. Battle results are intentionally left out of this entry, all to say is that I won two and enil won far too many.

PSS. I'll upload pictures later.

Monday, February 05, 2007

32" LCD TV

I have for a long time now been wanting to get a new TV, as my old only is a 21". The weekend the 27-28 january we got the new Bilka magazine, in which my sister found a laptop she wanted to buy. Afterwards I check out the magazine for nice TVs and found a 32" LCD pretty cheap. It was also a discount brand, so I wanted to go to the shop to check out the quality. Hence we decided to take down there Tuesday 30.

After comparing the TV to the other TVs they had in Bilka I decided to get the one I had looked at. It's a Prosonic 32" Widescreen LCD HDTV. Enourmous when I unpacked it in my room. :P

But nice, really nice.