Saturday, December 29, 2007


So this christmas was somewhat a historic one for me. That is if I choose to use a big word about what many would see as a small thing, but I like christmas eve so lets leave it at that, historic. For the first time did my family spend time with my fathers sister and her family. It has for as long as I can remember always been a tradition that we spend christmas day with them, where we also dance around the christmas tree and get presents. However due to how things have changed we decided to do it like this, this year.

For dinner we had both roast pork, duck and goose. So as you might guess, there were plenty, and it was good. Though I missed my grandmothers meatballs. The rest of the evening was pretty much like every other christmas eve, after dinner dancing around the tree and getting presents. We were nine people, which equals a lot of present, and we were done with those around midnight, then random talking for some time. I think we were home around 2.

Christmas day we made a small visit at my grandparents for afternoon coffee, and some christmas lunch just the five of us at home for dinner in the evening. At nine I met with some of my friends from school for some partying, most of which I haven't seen the last six months. That was really nice except for the fact that I didn't drink, as I had to be at the civil defence next morning at 7:35 and drove up there during the night just after the party.

First day at the civil defence was spent catching up on some sleep and watching Harry Potter 3, 4 and 5. Next day we had to do a little work. I washed a firetruck and helped carrying some tubes. Rest of the day was spent on some random TV, inet and such.

Not much left to say about my christmas but the ultimate question: What did I get for christmas?

  • Real Wall Clock
  • Travelling adaptor
  • 300 DKr
  • Ekspert voucher for 250 DKr
  • 2gb MiniSD card
  • KAOS shampoo
  • Need For Speed Pro Street
  • Travelling kit including: Pocket towel, soap, toothbrush, padlock, travelling adaptor

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