Sunday, October 28, 2007

One mad mad kopa

My whole childhood I've always wanted some radio controlled (RC) car that could run fast. I've had a few small ones but they've been really slow and boring. So one day a little while ago as I was surfing I remembered I had once bid on an RC car there. So I did some searching and found there to be some interesting ones there. So I bought one that uses nitro fuel (new, from some store that sells on QXL) and got it last thursday. Friday I got fuel for it. But that's where the fun stopped...

I haven't been able to get it started yet, and have been used quite some hours during the weekend, and now the pull starter is stuck. AREGGRAGJH it's so frustating buying something and looking forward to using it but can't because it's fucking hard to make it work. Besides this I'm getting pretty tired of the civil defence. Long days and having to stay there some evenings and weekends and shit. However sundays are the worst, I'm always like "now there's 10 hours left of weekend", "now there's 4 hours left" ect. ect. fuck I hate it.

As you might guess I haven't been in the best mood today. It helped a bit by rewatching A lot like love just now though.

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Anonymous said...

damn kopaka :( bare få arbejdet noget på den! kunne være nice at få den up'n runnin'! har du ikke et billede af den?