Sunday, October 07, 2007

Not that I have anything to write about..

..but I have nothing else to do while waiting for Cashback, the short movie, to load at Saw the full movie a while ago and loved it. Anyway, I haven't done that much this weekend. Mostly watched series, as I haven't had that much time to watch them during the week so had a lot to catch up on.

Next week will have a lot going on. I have guard (right word? thing where I have to stay barracks to be ready if a fire starts) tuesday, some drill wednesday that takes all day, some smoke diving drill as far as I know, and then I have guard again next weekend, so have to stay there the whole weekend :I Good thing is I might get around to start reading one the books I bought then.

Weekends are too short aren't they? :) Oh how I look forward to the end of this month when I start having every friday off, and will have so the rest of the time in the civil defence.

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