Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ten feet high

I made a very nice discovery friday. Something that somehow haven't come to my attention untill just now. Andrea Corr has this summer released a solo album. Being a huge The Corrs fan (of which she's the lead singer) this would be a major event for me, and something I would pre order weeks ahead if I had known. Anyway I've ofcourse ordered it now. As I'm ordering from CD-wow it will take some days before it arrives, damn I can't wait.

Along with Ten Feet High (the Andrea Corr album) I ordered two other CD's. Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival, which I've decided that I want after hearing their second single, and Kelly Clarkson - My December. I have only heard the first sinlge of Kelly Clarkson, which I didn't like too much, not bad either at all, but her previous album was really nice, so I'm taking a leap of faith that this will be aswell.

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