Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saving the ferry

So this danish ferry sailed into a pier in Hirtshals, a city on the northwestern danish coast. So the danish civil defence (which I'm a part of at the moment) had to go help it out. The collolision with the pier had caused a lot of holes in the ferry, which also led to some oil waste. There's at all times 14 people ready on the barracks to set out if something happens, fire or whatever. The alarms rang sometime the night between Monday and Tuesday, and they took up there to help out.

It was quite a big job so the people up there had to be replaced, which meant that I and 19 others took up there Wednesday at noon. First thing we did when we got up there was eating our lunch and waiting some time. Then we were told to get ready in the right clothes for action. After changing we were divided into two groups, which would do shifts, so there were time to rest aswell. I was on the team that starting with resting. So this meant that before I even started doing anything I had also eating dinner (which were by the way the worst french fries I've ever tasted), and the clock as 18.

First thing I did was carrying a small pump into the ship. Before I had a change to carry anymore stuff into the ferry the diver required some help, so me and another one helped him getting a big plate under the ship so patch one of the holes. Max felt I did important job there 8). After this was done I came over to those taking the oil out of the water. There wasn't much to do there though, except holding a rope and changing position of the machine doing the job every once in a while. I was there untill 1:30 in the night when we were told we could go to sleep except one or two to watch the machine.

I don't really know how long I slept but slept untill breakfast (rundstykker). At this time there wasn't that much to do. I was at the oil place again, and did some minor stuff. This went on untill around 10-11 o'clock, when we started pack up some of our stuff so there were room for some boat which was going in the water at 15:00. When we were done making space for it a new group of people came to replace us, so we could come home. Just before going home we had some lunch aswell.

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