Friday, September 28, 2007

Normandy (part 2)

Tuesday 10 July
Today it rained a lot, but eventhough we decided to drive to Omaha Beach. Luckily enough the rained stopped as we came closer to the sea. Had been looking forward to see Omaha Beach, but well, it's just a beach and a few bunkers. Around where we were there were two bunkers and a memorial sign for the 5th Engineer Troop. But now I can say I've pied on Omaha Beach ;-). After this we drove to the american graveyard. Quite big it was. Not just many graves, but also a huge entrance portal ect. Everything there were just big. Something I found interesting there was the gravestones for those who they didn't know who were, they said: Here rest in honoured peace, a comrade in arms, known but to god. Also I could reconize the pathways from Saving Private Brian (if I'm not totally mistaken).

Then we checked out another part of the beach, which had a huge memorial sculpture. Tried to find a certain museum that seemed good, but we didn't manage to find it. So we gave up and started to drive home, but after driving a few minutes we came by it, and went in. It was mildly interesting, had a lot of stuff from the war. Guns and whatever. That was the end of the day. I had really been looking forward to seing all the D-day things, but when it comes down to it, it isn't really that interesting to see. A beach is a beach.

Wednesday 11 July
Wednesday we got up rather early to get as much out of the day as possible. We drove to Giverny, which was some 1-2 hour drive. This is where Monet's garden is located (that painter you if you don't know). The garden is divided into two parts, one on each side of the road with a tunnel between them. The first part was pretty boring. Many of the flower was something you can see in Denmark aswell and many wasn't flowering. Didn't look more beautiful than our vegetable garden. The second part however was much nicer, with a large lake with bridges, bamboos and other larger trees/bushes ect. Quite nice.

From there we drove to Rouen, a rather large city. Here we looked at some shops, none of them really interesting though. Was on a café and saw three large churches, one of them being some Jeanne d'arc memorial church, placed right next to where she was burned. This was a quite new church, and really nice designed. As we walked around I got quite hungry and found a place I could buy a pizza, which I bought from a quite cute pizza lady <3 At this I also had to pee, but what a sucky city with no restrooms :I I still hadn't found a place to do so when we started looking for some place to eat dinner, which we did for some time. Everywhere they had only french menu cards, and none of us can much french, so we never found a place in Rouen to eat. So we started driving home and found some place on the highway to eat. We came by a quite nice restaurant actually ( where I could finally pee ;) ). Then we drove home, and in the evening I did a little phone IRC.

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