Saturday, September 15, 2007

First step

Over the past year or so I've developed a new possible "dream job", screenplay writer. I've had a few ideas for possible movies or TV series, but never done anything about it. So I thought now was the time. I start by ordering a few books about writing screenplays so I can get some insight into how you write them ect. This lead to an amazon order just a few minutes ago, ordering the following books:

So as you can see I bought three books about screenplay writing. The Notebook and A Walk to Remember are Nicholas Sparks novels, both of which I've seen the movie, and totally loved (both are in my top 10 favourites). I think I've decided I want to see the movies of his novels before reading the books, but then the question is which are going to be made into a movie and which are not so I can just read them. But I'll start with these two anyway. The last, Norwegian Wood, was recommended by skint0r and looked interesting so I'm trying it out.

It turned out to be a quite expensive order (72£) but I earn quite a lot at the moment, so what the heck. I'm quite annoyed of amazon showing the prizes without VAT though. :I

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