Sunday, September 02, 2007

Normandy (part 1)

Saturday 7 July
As previously mentioned I went on vacation to Normandy with my family this summer. Lineup included my mom, dad, sister and myself. We've rented a small cottage in a small town some 20 km from the coast. We started driving down there saturday 7 july at 0:01. I drove the car some thwo hours in the beginning after which I did some sleeping in the car while my father drove.

We drove through Germany, Holland and Belgium. One thing that struck me was how these countries have such stoneage fuelstations. Like no one had credit card payment. Pretty lame having to go into the shop to pay, while your car still stands at the fuelstation making the ones behind you wait even longer.

Anyway, we arrived at our cottage around 17:00 where we met the owner who showed us around in the house. After this we went for a little walk around the area, had something to eat and played a little "vikinggame" and some other random stuff untill we went to sleep. The house didn't exactly have the best power supply. As I lied in my bed with the bedlamp on reading some magazine the lamp suddenly turned up the volume. Which we figured was because someone else turned off their's.

Sunday 8 July
In this small city called Pont L'eveque which was some 2 km next to our house there was a marked sunday in the late morning. It was a rather small marked, most of the stands sold some kind of food. All the people standing in the stands were wearing middleage clothes, and there were also some people dancing and such. So there were a nice atmosphere. Nicest thing though was this one girl in one of the stands, pretty cute. It rained while we were there so we weren't there for long, not that there were that much stuff interesting anyway.

In the afternoon we went to bayeux where there is this sown tapestry of the 1066 Norman invasion of England. 50cm width and 70 meters long. Quite nice. To our surprise there were some middleage marked in this city aswell when we were there. So we walked around a bit to check it out. Before we went back to our house me and my sister had a pizza, while my parents had something to drink. Who cares about famous french food when you can get a pizza. <3

Monday 9 July
Monday morning we slept kind of long. I don't know why that's interesting but I wrote that in my notes, so now you know. Today we wanted to see some of the cities along the beach. The first one I saw was Deauville, which is known for a nice beach and many rich people. This turned out to be probably the best thing on the entire trip. Deauville was just such a beautiful city, with the beach, parks and big, nice houses, casinos and such. An amazing sight. If (read: when) I ever get rich and wanna buy some big house on the beach, this will be where I'll buy it.

We walked a little along the beach and went for ice creams. I tried out an Magnum Coco, which was quite nice. Afterwards we drove into downtown city and walked a bit around there to look at the city and a few shops. A beautiful city here aswell. Here we saw both female police on horses and male police on bikes.

When done in Deauville we drove along the beach to the city next to called Honflour. We walked a bit around here aswell, and finally found somewhere to eat, in a restaurant called Le Cursaire. Nice food, but bad seatings. First dinner was some "seaplate". This consisted of all kinds of snails, mussels, oysters ect. Didn't quite look nice at first, but all the things that I dared to eat (which was most of it) tasted rather well.

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