Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Phone

After five years of loyal service I decided to let my old Nokia 3310 free on the eternal mobile networks.

I bought a new one around the end of june, through my phone company Telmore, so that I could still use the same number. They have these offers where you can buy a phone for 27€ and then I have to use atleast 27€ each month for the next six months. So practically it costed 188€ and with free SMS/calls/GPRS (as I never use even near 27€ a month). Though I might start using some more since it has gprs which I didn't have before. Anyway, it's a Nokia 6131. I had no special need for a new phone, but I just wanted to try some of all the new features available such as gprs. Also I wanted a phone which you can fold up. It has pretty much all features there is except 3g ones. It has a 1.3 mp camera, I don't really care much for that though, that just happened to be in the phone I wanted. I guess it's pretty hard to find any without camera nowadays.

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