Monday, July 16, 2007

Last exams and results

After spanish exam I had the IT exam. The IT exam is a presentation of a large induvidual project we've made duing the school year. Should be about some kind of graphical user interface, and everyone made a website. You can see mine on Anyway, the presentation went pretty well and I got a 10 for presentation, and an 11 for the written project.

The results of the written exams are put up a dashboard on the school, I went there some day to check it out. Quite disapointing though. 8 in danish, which was fine. 8 in math in which I usually get around 10. ;( And 6 in spanish, quite disapointing aswell, eventhough I normally get around 7 I expected a lot more than 6.

The last exam was law. There were two different subject in my exam, the first one went pretty well, but in the second one I mixed some stuff up and got a 7.

Overall I got an average of 8.2. This also includes the grades you get for what you do during the lessons. I'm not quite satisfied with this. My goal was to get 9. Or atleast 8.7 so I get 9 including the bonus I get for having three subjects on A niveau. I don't know yet if this really matters for me though. Your grade doesn't really matter unless you wanna go to some popular education, which there has a high grade requirement.

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