Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Graduation parties

At the day of my last exam we had a small gathering for family and some friends from the neighborhood. What happened was basically me getting some presents, eating and talking. I got an alphabeat CD, dynamo label thing (exhanged in the shop for money), office chair, money and some stuff for when I'm moving to own place.

The next weekend we did this thing which is tradition for graduates to do in Denmark. Driving around to everyone in the class and getting a little to eat each place ect. We started friday morning in horse wagon driving around to those living close to the city of the school. It rained much of the time but that didn't mattered too much as there were good mood and such. At some time in the afternoon we changed to a bus in order to get around to some of those living the furthest away. The party mood kinda dumped at this point, either because of the warm bus and no need to jump around to keep warm of because of tiredness. Maybe both I guess. Anyway we ended somewhere getting dinner and drinking, talking, partying ect. untill around midnight when some went into the city, I went home.

The next day we had to meet in school at 8:00 in order to get class pictures taken before the thing where we get our examination certificates. This whole ceremony was boring at some times, but there were also some interesting stuff, such as the speech by my IT teacher and by one of the students. Anyway, I got my certificate, said hello to my parents and brother and sister, and then it was time to continue where we left off last night. This time in a truck, driving around to those living medium far away from the school, including me. It rained at first but soon stopped and it was quite a sunny day. A great and funny day with a good mood all the way through. We ended at this guy from my class called Happy for lumpsters and partying. Including card drinking games, beer drinking games and such. At some time past midnight we went into the city. One of the better evenings of that kind. Besides those from my class there was a lot of other people I knew, and at this dicoteque called Buddy Holly there was a stripper.

All in all two extremely great days. <3

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