Sunday, June 10, 2007

hot in here

I have over the last few days consumed maybe a hundred litres of water. It's so damn hot. I've since the last exam not been doing much apart from reading for the next exams. Not that I've done that 24/7, but I haven't done much serious stuff other than that. I've been watching a lot of Scrubs. It's still really good the second time around. After finishing that I'll catch up with some shows which I haven't seen yet.

On the fourth Alias season 5 was released in denmark (on that page where I bought it atleast). Have been waiting for that day for while. I ordered a few other DVDs aswell:
Office Space
Das leben der Anderen
Planet of the Apes Collection (5 movies)
and Alias The Video Game, which they luckily had.

When I got the DVDs I wanted to update my DVDprofiler but it turns out they had released a new version in which you can only use all the features if you have less than 50 DVDs or pay 30$. I have over 50 dvds, so that means I can add them, but the new ones won't be added to the online profile. So that sucks. Hopefully I can find some other good program like it, do you know any?

Oh ye, and if the rest of you elma bloggers read this, make some new posts dammit, I wan't to have something to read =).


tijsjoris said...

kopaquarius, are you rich or something?! you buy way to much in store.

Kopaka said...

I'm quite poor ;( but I save money for what's important :)