Sunday, April 15, 2007

Prom Night

Last night we had senior prom for my year. It started 17:00 on the school for a class a champagne after which they drove to the place of the party. I skipped that part though. The party started at 18:00. I came a 10 minutes past I think, and there were still a long queue of cars, I think I waited some 15 minutes before I could get out of the car. Then I walked inside, took a welcome drink and stood randomly. Most of the couples had pictures taken, and after a group picture we started to eat.

First course was some chicken salad. Main course was roastbeef, some potato pie, some boiled vegetables and some other shit. Dessert was Ice Cream pie, pretty nice :). I sad close to a few of my good friends from the class, so dinner was quite enjoyable, with a lot of cheers'es. With the dinner there was white, red and some dessert wine. I like the white and dessert wine ok. Between main course and dessert there were four speeches. Two teachers and two students.

After dessert our parents came in order to watch us dance the lancers (lancier in danish), but first the tables needed to be moved ect. I was part of the first team to dance. And I will have to say this was one of the highlights of the evening, if not the. It was quite fun. =) However also made me sweat.

After the dances the bar opened and this band called started playing. Then the rest of the evening was kind of normal party with talking, drinking and random dancing. At 1:00 sandwiches were served. I didn't have any, as I weren't hungry due to the drinking. I tend to not feel like eating anything when I've gotten a little drunk. At 2:00 a bus came driving into Nykøbing, the "big" city around here. I had decided not to go there though. There wasn't space for everyone in the first bus, so I stayed there while the rest waited for the bus to come back.

While waiting a few guys from one of the other classes sitting at a table called on me. Not any I've ever talked much to, or at all. But appearently my countdown site (to last day of school) and elma skills had rumoured to them :). So we talked a little about that and some other stuff. Then the bus came and I called my dad to come pick me up.

My dad took some pictures, they are quite blury though.

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