Sunday, April 08, 2007

Party like it's your birthday

Friday evening biwer held his 20th birthday. (A friend of mine I went to 10th grade with.) My dad drove me there a little past six. When I arrived he came down to the kitchen, we said hello and I gave him my present, 2 easter eggs. Then I walked upstairs where the party was. When I came up there were some 6-7 people that I didn't knew or only knew by name, and one from my class. But just after I arrived another one from my class arrived, and soon after some more people I know arrived.

Those who were there before I arrived was playing some beer table game. I stod and watching them a little, but when those people I know arrived we sat us together at another table and started drinking. I had brought some Cuba Strawberry and Sprite to mix. We sat there a long time doing random smalltalk before the food came. It was some chicken, salad, french fries and bread. There wasn't very much of it though, only enough for one round to everyone. :-/ So I had to satisfy my hunger with a few more pieces of bread.

Rest of the evening untill we took into the town was spent with a poker game, then a game of mayer (a dice game), and then two games of pyramid (card drinking game). Those I didn't knew had ordered a taxa at 1:30, but we wanted to go to the town earlier so we ordered a taxa a little past twelve. The first taxa that game though was a wrong one, too small. So we had to wait a little more for another one to arrive.

When we got into town me and three others walked to a hot-dog stand. The three others had a french hot-dog, but I wasn't really hungry at that time. Then we joined the others at this bar called Morsø. When we came there was only one person beside us there. We still hung out there for a while though. Some of the others from the birthday party came there a little later. We stayed there untill the place closed, not that it was late, but they close because there was no people. Then two others and me walked to a discotek called Natasha. There were actually some people there, but we didn't stay for long though.

Then me and Dyhr walked to this bar/discotek called Loftet to see if there was anyone of the others there. There were not. We were there for a little while talking to this guy we both went to 10th grade with. So we decided to grab a pizza and take home. I had a hawaii ofcourse ;-), with dressing. He took a taxa home, as he lives by himself somewhere else in that same city. I called my dad, who came 15 mins later. While waiting I eat 4/6 of my pizza. The rest I had yesterday while watching The Prestige. Nice movie by the way.

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