Monday, April 09, 2007

End of holiday stress

Oh how I hate this. On the last day(s) of a holiday I always get so stressed over not wasting the last time of the holiday. Today is the last day of easter holiday. I used quite long time around noon trying to figure out what to do the rest of the day, should I watch a movie, in that case which, so I watch a tv show, in that case which, it has to be something good so I don't waste the last day of the holiday day ect ect.

I ended up watching an episode of Friends, then Hard Candy, then another friends episode, then some MKup306 cruising. And just now I made a new list on list of bests. I present to you, Kopaka's "Hottest People". A list of the 43 hottest people to walk the earth, in ranking order. If you wonder why there is only 41, it's because both t.A.T.u. girls are in one and so are both Olsen twins.

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