Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Current situation

I realised that I never write anything about stuff like school and generel life sitaution. Maybe because it would be boring. Anyway I'll write a little about it here, which will maybe give a little better understanding of the other posts, or just a few minutes of laughs about my pathetic life. ;-)

I go to Handelsgymnasium, which in my dictionary translates to commercial upper-secondary school. Well I guess most who reads this knows what gymnasium is. I am at the third and last year, have around a month left of normal school days and then final exams, which scares the hell out of me. I would like nothing more than take these three years all over if I could with the same classmates ect. When finising school I have no idea what I wanna do. Well maybe a little. (I think I will write a post about this later.)

Just after summer holidays I have military service for six months. Not normal military service though, I'm doing civil defence forces. The place where you learn to be fireman, rescue people and such. I chosed this mainly because I don't want to be a part of the army with current government. Two guys I know pretty well are going there at the same time as me, and one more coming two months later.

I am 19 years old and hunger for some experimental wild teenage sex before I turn 20 this summer. I live with my parents, my brother moved from home some four years ago, and this school year my sister is at efterskole, school where you live at the school. So except weekends it's just me and my parents here. I plan to move from home in a not too distant future, but not untill after military service atleast. Various reasons for this. Such as better internet, to try to live in a big city, I have lived in a small village my whole life and getting just a bit tired of living with the same people, eating the same food ect. ect. Being able to order something from the internet without my parents knowing? ;-).

To copy insane guys intro post: On my desktop no. 1 is from right a bunch of donald duch and rolling stones magazines, a Britney Spears Biography, a back of Mini Brazil candy, Kløver Vaseline, en empty Jolly Coke bottle, an almost eaten easter egg, a tie, some random paper, a headset, my acer LCD monitor, two half empty chip bags, a donald dug mug, some bills, the new Hilary Duff CD, an BIG bunch of random paper from last few years, a lot of small coins I don't bother to use, a digital camera, a tape dispensor, make poverty history bracelets, Fructis Style gloss wax, my watch hanging from my the lights.

Desktop no. 2 from right an empty class, my Nokia 3310 with Britney Spears cover, a lot of pens and stuff in some holder, a flashlight, a small ball, a space jumper, a remote for my stereo, my logitech mouse for laptop, my laptop.

On normal days when I'm not in school I irc, check random websites, watch new series if any new that day, otherwise I watch some old I have (I love to do series marathons), play elma and smultronet if anyone online, sometimes watch a movie, eat with my parents, do homework. I pretty much only read while on toilet and in bed before sleeping.

I go to class with many of my closest friends. I don't have any real close friends, but a group of pretty good friends. We all (except one of two) met in 10th grade. Some of us knew some of them from before, but here we created a pretty good group of friends with 9 people. One or two more joined later. These are the primary, and pretty much only, people I meet up with outside school for parties, poker playing ect.

As for my virtual life I consider myself to have some 6-7 close online/irc friends, most of which I've met up with many times irl (example).

I think that sums up my life as it is right now pretty well.

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