Sunday, April 15, 2007

Prom Night

Last night we had senior prom for my year. It started 17:00 on the school for a class a champagne after which they drove to the place of the party. I skipped that part though. The party started at 18:00. I came a 10 minutes past I think, and there were still a long queue of cars, I think I waited some 15 minutes before I could get out of the car. Then I walked inside, took a welcome drink and stood randomly. Most of the couples had pictures taken, and after a group picture we started to eat.

First course was some chicken salad. Main course was roastbeef, some potato pie, some boiled vegetables and some other shit. Dessert was Ice Cream pie, pretty nice :). I sad close to a few of my good friends from the class, so dinner was quite enjoyable, with a lot of cheers'es. With the dinner there was white, red and some dessert wine. I like the white and dessert wine ok. Between main course and dessert there were four speeches. Two teachers and two students.

After dessert our parents came in order to watch us dance the lancers (lancier in danish), but first the tables needed to be moved ect. I was part of the first team to dance. And I will have to say this was one of the highlights of the evening, if not the. It was quite fun. =) However also made me sweat.

After the dances the bar opened and this band called started playing. Then the rest of the evening was kind of normal party with talking, drinking and random dancing. At 1:00 sandwiches were served. I didn't have any, as I weren't hungry due to the drinking. I tend to not feel like eating anything when I've gotten a little drunk. At 2:00 a bus came driving into Nykøbing, the "big" city around here. I had decided not to go there though. There wasn't space for everyone in the first bus, so I stayed there while the rest waited for the bus to come back.

While waiting a few guys from one of the other classes sitting at a table called on me. Not any I've ever talked much to, or at all. But appearently my countdown site (to last day of school) and elma skills had rumoured to them :). So we talked a little about that and some other stuff. Then the bus came and I called my dad to come pick me up.

My dad took some pictures, they are quite blury though.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Hottest People list update

I figured out how to upload pictures on 43people, so I uploaded pictures of all on my Hottest People list which didn't have one. Salma Hayek has one but it doesn't work for some reason.

Those I uploaded pics of where:
Rachael Leigh Cook
Lise Rønne

');}, parameters:Form.serialize(this)}); }; return false;"> Drag me to re-order

Holly Valance
Samantha Mumba
Ruslana Lyzhicko
Stacie Orrico
Andrea Corr
Vanessa A Hudgens

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Current situation

I realised that I never write anything about stuff like school and generel life sitaution. Maybe because it would be boring. Anyway I'll write a little about it here, which will maybe give a little better understanding of the other posts, or just a few minutes of laughs about my pathetic life. ;-)

I go to Handelsgymnasium, which in my dictionary translates to commercial upper-secondary school. Well I guess most who reads this knows what gymnasium is. I am at the third and last year, have around a month left of normal school days and then final exams, which scares the hell out of me. I would like nothing more than take these three years all over if I could with the same classmates ect. When finising school I have no idea what I wanna do. Well maybe a little. (I think I will write a post about this later.)

Just after summer holidays I have military service for six months. Not normal military service though, I'm doing civil defence forces. The place where you learn to be fireman, rescue people and such. I chosed this mainly because I don't want to be a part of the army with current government. Two guys I know pretty well are going there at the same time as me, and one more coming two months later.

I am 19 years old and hunger for some experimental wild teenage sex before I turn 20 this summer. I live with my parents, my brother moved from home some four years ago, and this school year my sister is at efterskole, school where you live at the school. So except weekends it's just me and my parents here. I plan to move from home in a not too distant future, but not untill after military service atleast. Various reasons for this. Such as better internet, to try to live in a big city, I have lived in a small village my whole life and getting just a bit tired of living with the same people, eating the same food ect. ect. Being able to order something from the internet without my parents knowing? ;-).

To copy insane guys intro post: On my desktop no. 1 is from right a bunch of donald duch and rolling stones magazines, a Britney Spears Biography, a back of Mini Brazil candy, Kløver Vaseline, en empty Jolly Coke bottle, an almost eaten easter egg, a tie, some random paper, a headset, my acer LCD monitor, two half empty chip bags, a donald dug mug, some bills, the new Hilary Duff CD, an BIG bunch of random paper from last few years, a lot of small coins I don't bother to use, a digital camera, a tape dispensor, make poverty history bracelets, Fructis Style gloss wax, my watch hanging from my the lights.

Desktop no. 2 from right an empty class, my Nokia 3310 with Britney Spears cover, a lot of pens and stuff in some holder, a flashlight, a small ball, a space jumper, a remote for my stereo, my logitech mouse for laptop, my laptop.

On normal days when I'm not in school I irc, check random websites, watch new series if any new that day, otherwise I watch some old I have (I love to do series marathons), play elma and smultronet if anyone online, sometimes watch a movie, eat with my parents, do homework. I pretty much only read while on toilet and in bed before sleeping.

I go to class with many of my closest friends. I don't have any real close friends, but a group of pretty good friends. We all (except one of two) met in 10th grade. Some of us knew some of them from before, but here we created a pretty good group of friends with 9 people. One or two more joined later. These are the primary, and pretty much only, people I meet up with outside school for parties, poker playing ect.

As for my virtual life I consider myself to have some 6-7 close online/irc friends, most of which I've met up with many times irl (example).

I think that sums up my life as it is right now pretty well.


It finally arrived. \o/

Monday, April 09, 2007

End of holiday stress

Oh how I hate this. On the last day(s) of a holiday I always get so stressed over not wasting the last time of the holiday. Today is the last day of easter holiday. I used quite long time around noon trying to figure out what to do the rest of the day, should I watch a movie, in that case which, so I watch a tv show, in that case which, it has to be something good so I don't waste the last day of the holiday day ect ect.

I ended up watching an episode of Friends, then Hard Candy, then another friends episode, then some MKup306 cruising. And just now I made a new list on list of bests. I present to you, Kopaka's "Hottest People". A list of the 43 hottest people to walk the earth, in ranking order. If you wonder why there is only 41, it's because both t.A.T.u. girls are in one and so are both Olsen twins.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Party like it's your birthday

Friday evening biwer held his 20th birthday. (A friend of mine I went to 10th grade with.) My dad drove me there a little past six. When I arrived he came down to the kitchen, we said hello and I gave him my present, 2 easter eggs. Then I walked upstairs where the party was. When I came up there were some 6-7 people that I didn't knew or only knew by name, and one from my class. But just after I arrived another one from my class arrived, and soon after some more people I know arrived.

Those who were there before I arrived was playing some beer table game. I stod and watching them a little, but when those people I know arrived we sat us together at another table and started drinking. I had brought some Cuba Strawberry and Sprite to mix. We sat there a long time doing random smalltalk before the food came. It was some chicken, salad, french fries and bread. There wasn't very much of it though, only enough for one round to everyone. :-/ So I had to satisfy my hunger with a few more pieces of bread.

Rest of the evening untill we took into the town was spent with a poker game, then a game of mayer (a dice game), and then two games of pyramid (card drinking game). Those I didn't knew had ordered a taxa at 1:30, but we wanted to go to the town earlier so we ordered a taxa a little past twelve. The first taxa that game though was a wrong one, too small. So we had to wait a little more for another one to arrive.

When we got into town me and three others walked to a hot-dog stand. The three others had a french hot-dog, but I wasn't really hungry at that time. Then we joined the others at this bar called Morsø. When we came there was only one person beside us there. We still hung out there for a while though. Some of the others from the birthday party came there a little later. We stayed there untill the place closed, not that it was late, but they close because there was no people. Then two others and me walked to a discotek called Natasha. There were actually some people there, but we didn't stay for long though.

Then me and Dyhr walked to this bar/discotek called Loftet to see if there was anyone of the others there. There were not. We were there for a little while talking to this guy we both went to 10th grade with. So we decided to grab a pizza and take home. I had a hawaii ofcourse ;-), with dressing. He took a taxa home, as he lives by himself somewhere else in that same city. I called my dad, who came 15 mins later. While waiting I eat 4/6 of my pizza. The rest I had yesterday while watching The Prestige. Nice movie by the way.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gotta love them tabs

After a lot of work, I made a tab system on the blog which you will see if you access if from So far it only links to the blog and my movie reviews. There will probably come some more later. I don't really know what the point is beside collecting the pages under one. I had planed to have the tabs on the movie reviews page aswell, but that looked too ugly.

I stole the graphic from some other site, but don't tell anyone ;-)

Mopo Kup 3 Event 5

I know I said I would just play one event, but "pressure" from team StockCar have made me play this event aswell. Not to succesfully yet, but missed a decent run earlier today. It's another tijsjoris level. A little too straight forward for my liking though, it's so damn hard to improve in such levels, and pure hoyling isn't excatly my favourite thing.

Well, it's still a fun level. :)

the best damn thing

Earlier today I watched "Avril Lavigne Exclusive". And program sent on CBC a few days ago. It's a new Avril Lavigne concert with some interviews in between. At the concert she sung some songs from her new album "the best damn thing". I haven't really been able to decide wether I could like her new single "Girlfriend" and was a little afraid that the other songs on the album would be too much like that. This is not the case though, the songs she sung from her new album were are totally awesome =). Some of them kind of reminded of Girlfriend, but much better.

The album title song was especially great. Such can't wait for the album to come now. It's due 16th April. I haven't ordered it yet, but I will do so very soon.