Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mopo Kup 3 Event 2

For a short moment before MKup3 started I wanted to play it, but I decided not too, as I didn't felt like using so much time on a cup again like I did during Master Cup 2, though I have no doubt I could easily have won MKup3 if I had wanted too. However, this brings me to the point. Sometime, maybe...

So I decided that I might play a single event if some nice level pop ups, which is exactly what has happened. Event 2 is an absolutely awesome level by tijsjoris. It has everything. Some shortcuts, but not too hard ones so it gets frustating. A lot a different styles which are almost equally fast. The perfect lenght, just over one minute. And that nice flow. I have played it some, but not much. So I might not win, but I'm confident I will get a decent placement, if I can only nail the ending.

Did I say how great a level it is?



tijsjoris said...

YESH this is an absolute honour to me, kopa. Glad you liked the level. the end was a bit fucked up though

Kopaka said...

yeah the end turned out to be a biatch :I