Monday, February 19, 2007

New spring albums

I have over the last few days some new albums which are released this spring. These are from three of my very favourite singers.

First one is 'Hilary Duff - Dignity' which are released on April 3. I preordered the Deluxe Edition yesterday. It contains beside the album a DVD with 9 videos and some commentary by Duff, some photos and an "individually numbered signature card". It was rather expensive including postage, but she is my number one artist afterall. :)

Second one is 'Avril Lavigne - the best damn thing' which is released April 17. Avril Lavigne I've loved ever since the first single, different from the two others, Duff I discovered a year or some ago and Moore even more recently.

The last album is 'Mandy Moore - Wild Hope'. I currently only has a best of album of hers, so looking forward to hearing a complete studio album.

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tijsjoris said...

omg kopapop is the best pop.