Monday, February 05, 2007

32" LCD TV

I have for a long time now been wanting to get a new TV, as my old only is a 21". The weekend the 27-28 january we got the new Bilka magazine, in which my sister found a laptop she wanted to buy. Afterwards I check out the magazine for nice TVs and found a 32" LCD pretty cheap. It was also a discount brand, so I wanted to go to the shop to check out the quality. Hence we decided to take down there Tuesday 30.

After comparing the TV to the other TVs they had in Bilka I decided to get the one I had looked at. It's a Prosonic 32" Widescreen LCD HDTV. Enourmous when I unpacked it in my room. :P

But nice, really nice.


Dani_TAH said...

whange that tv for elma playing :-o

Kopaka said...

just got vga cable today, so I got better quality than with the s-video cableI used before. now elma is max quality on the tv o/

tijsjoris said...

humongous is a small word here