Sunday, January 07, 2007

Best of 2006

Sorry about the delay, but some catagories was very hard to decide. Like last year the runner ups are more of less sorted. Here are the best of 2006!


Imagine Me & You

Runner ups:
Just Like Heaven
V for Vendetta
Just Friends
Superman Return

Comment: What would seem like a mediocre romantic comedy turned out to be one of the best movie love stories. Maybe not a year with big competition, and only two movie rated 10. However this doesn't mean Imagine Me & You wasn't a really really great movie.

TV Show


Runner ups:
How I Met Your Mother
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip

Comment: This was very hard to decide. Scrubs is a really great show aswell. Season four of Alias was awesome and kept up the great standards the previous seasons had set.


Nelly Furtado - Maneater

Runner ups:
Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You
Panic! at the Disco - I Write Sins not Tragedies
Nelly Furtado - All Good Things (Come to an End)
Roxette - One Wish

Comment: Extremely hard one this year aswell. Because Of You is a really nice song, but Maneater have that great power in it, and Nelly Furtado has a great voice too. Maneater didn't have me hooked from the beginning though, it took some time before I discovered how good it was. I Write Sins not Tragedies was close too.


Hilary Duff

Runner ups:
Kelly Clarkson
Britney Spears
Mandy Moore
Vanilla Ninja

Comment: stats says everything. Didn't start using before June though, that was also around when I started listening Hilary Duff. 1,246 plays, around 3 times as much as the second place. Have developed a greate love for Hilary Duff during the last year.

Elma achievement

Upside Down 1:04,40 danish record

Runner ups:
Master Cup 2 12th place
Flag Tag win at DEM06
skintatious 4th place on kinglist at one point, 8th now
1 hour TT win at DEM06

Comment: Though I probably used more time on Master Cup 2 during the year, it was just such a relief to finally get Upside Down back after 3½ years of trying. Hopefully it will last this time.


The Settlers II - 10th Anniversary

Runner ups:
The Sims 2 Nightlife
TrackMania Sunrise

Comment: Again a year where I haven't played that many games. The new version of Settlers II rocked, the best of the series with modern graphics and fysics, what a threat.


Hayden Panettiere

Runner ups:
Natalie Portman
Rachael Leigh Cook
Keira Knightley
Eva Longoria

Comment: Hot cheerleader in the surprisingly good Bring it On 3, cheerleader in new hit TV show Heroes. Uhh babe.



Runner ups:
Live Privates

Comment: A really great browsergame. Have played CS maybe twice in 2006, but CSManager have me hooked up big time. Has had some succes in it lately also, playing in league 2.2 now, and one second place in a weekend tournament.

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