Sunday, December 31, 2006

Best of 2006 (Nominations)

Ever since finished the list for 2005 I've been looking forward to make this. I just love such kinda things.

From last years post: All are things made in 2006, or which I experienced the first time in 2006.


Just Like Heaven
V for Vendetta
Imagine Me & You
Just Friends
Superman Returns

TV Show

How I Met Your Mother
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip


Panic! at the Disco - I Write Sins not Tragedies
Nelly Furtado - Maneater
Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You
Nelly Furtado - All Good Things (Come to an End)
Roxette - One Wish


Kelly Clarkson
Hilary Duff
Vanilla Ninja
Mandy Moore
Britney Spears

Elma achievement

skintatious 4th place on kinglist at one point, 8th now
Master Cup 2 12th place
Upside Down 1:04,40 danish record
Flag Tag win at DEM06
1 hour TT win at DEM06


The Settlers II - 10th Anniversary
The Sims 2 Nightlife
TrackMania Sunrise


Rachael Leigh Cook
Hayden Panettiere
Natalie Portman
Keira Knightley
Eva Longoria


Live Privates

Winners will be puplished next Sunday!


For christmas eve I was at home with my mom, dad, brother and sister. Also my grandparents and my mom's brother came. We had pork, duck potatoes ect. for dinner.

I gave these presents. Round silver one for my brother, square silver one for my sister, two red ones for my dad and another not on pic for my mother. (To ones to my mom and dad I gave together with my sister and brother.)

Inside the was: For sister: Cat poster, The Kingdom of Heaven poster, Green Day badge. For Brother: Ayrton Senna poster, Rammsteim poster. For dad: Pizza baking plate, and something. For mom: Sissel CD.

On christmas day as per tradition we meet with my dad's family and exchange presents and dance around tree again ect. This year it was at our place.

My presents. The paper is a 26 issue subscription to the Rolling Stone magazine.

Merry Christmas!

New harddrive

A while ago I decided that I couldn't stand my half defect external Maxtor drive anymore and wanted a new. So the 26th I ordered a 320gb WD and a Sandberg external USB box.

The day at arrival there was to package in our carport. In one of them only the usb cable I ordered for my printer, and in the other the harddrive. No box, it were sent from another place so I expected it to just be a day late, but later same day I looked in our mailbox and there was a note that I could pick up a package at the post office.

The new SATA harddrive I plugged into my comp to get the speed from SATA in my comp, and took my older 200gb WD ATA out to plug into the external box next day when I picked it up.

While plugging it in I scrathed my one finger so bleeded a lot :/

Anyway, I got it in and started installing windows on the new drive. Because my secondary 160gb maxtor drive were still in, that one became C: and windows installed on D: So the old was system drive and the new boot drive. I don't know if it matters, but I plugged the old one out and reinstalled windows to be sure.

The day after I picked up the external box and after fiddling a lot with it I got it open and plugged in the 200gb WD.

I have now 870gb all in all, but with 250gb half defect. The black one is the new one.

Just before starting to write this post I decided to start using more pictures here in order to spice it up a bit. ;-)

Monday, December 18, 2006

New posters part III

I used a lot of time saturday putting new posters up. Of the new ones I had bought I didn't use two of them (Pink, The Notebook). A few old ones, but only very few and small ones, got up also. I also found a few from the archive which I've never had up before.

A total of 29 posters were put up. The number is this low compared to the number I took down because I have more big ones now. The elma one above my monitor is made with Rasterbator, like the one Abula have.

I just love the new look in my room <3

Saturday, December 16, 2006

New posters part II

Yesterday evening I took all my posters down. Except a few I forgot which I've just taken down, some postcards which are gonna stay and the stars wars collage, which are also gonna stay.

I counted it to a total of 51 posters I took down, ranging from A5 to 100*60cm in size, most being A4 or A3. My room is so empty now. :o

Friday, December 15, 2006

New posters part I

A short while ago I ordered some new posters, as it has now been year since I put up most of the ones I have on my wall at the moment. I recently discovered two nice online poster shops. from where I ordered four posters and from where I ordered five.

I got the last one earlier this week. So I'm planning to do the changes this weekend. Yesterday I looking through old posters I had lying around to see which I might wanna put up. And I also printed a single picture. Had another one I wanted to print, but didn't manage to find it :/

Monday, December 11, 2006

Master Cup 2 over

Master Cup 2 ended now more than a week ago. I ended on the 12th place which were quite satisfying. I had hoped for a top 10 but I never really got any good placements in any events, only two ninth and one tenth place. This was probably my most succesful cup, I was 45th in world cup five, which ofcourse had more paticipants. StockCar did fairly ok aswell, ending 4th. We were pretty close to EA at one point but they did some sick stuff in the last events and eventually ended on the second place.

It was really nice to see some activity from danish kuskis. Beside me jsim and sick_mambo also played pretty most all events. That's one more than in World Cup 5 :). Anyway I used a lot of time on this cup and I'm probably not going to play any other cups or such in some time atleast. Though I haven't cutted down that much on my playing time, but more on that later.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Du er den dårligste røv jeg har haft!

Yesterday Morten held a christmas eating/drinking party for a those couple of friends, including me, that starting hanging out together in tenth grade. With one missing and two girlsfriends we were ten there. It started at 18:00 with some traditional "julefrokost" food, and nice ice cream for dessert <3.

I had bought some Cuba Strawberry and Sprite for drinking. Other drank beers and a few some other kind of Cuba Vodka. Time was spent with some Langt Fra Las Vegas quoting (headline is such one), listening to De Nattergale, a beer game, random talking and so on.

At 0:30 we took a cab into the city. First we were at this place called Loftet for a short while, after which we took to another place called Morsø, where there's a lot of older people too. We were there untill around 2:00 when we took to the pizza place. After eating, I didn't have any though, we (meaning those five of us together at that time) took home.